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Welcome to our Series on the Holy Spirit

The purpose of this video series is to present teaching on various subjects of the bible in a relaxed atmosphere, as if you the viewer were sitting in my office or living room and I was sharing with you some biblical truths.   So this is not another church service where the preacher stands behind the pulpit ministering to a congregation.   I want you to feel like I am ministering directly to you.  

During the message, God will sometimes give me a word of knowledge for you and at the end I pray for my viewers as the Holy Spirit directs.  Expect a miracle as you watch this program.  Let the anointing on these words fill you and heal you and set you free. 


Holy Spirit Video Teaching Series

#1  Holy Spirit Series  Acts 2 (23.5min)CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Life-changing encounter   Are you experiencing the "Presence of God or the Presentation of God"

#2 Holy Spirit Series   Acts 3  20.10mins CLICK HERE TO VIEW 

Expectation   Your miracle is closer than you realize.  God is ready to perform His word.  

#3 Holy Spirit Series 1 Cor 2:9-10 (32 min) CLICK HERE TO VIEW

The Things God Has for us.  God has awesome things for each of you as you trust His Holy Spirit on the inside of you.

# 4 Holy Spirit Series  Cor 2:1-4   31 min CLICK HERE TO VIEW

The demonstration of the Spirit. When an immortal God touches mortal man.?

# 5  Holy Spirit Series    1 Jn 2:27/Acts 10:1-19  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

The Holy Spirit dwelling in you to help you. Changing mindsets, preparing us for ministry.

# 6  Holy Spirit Series  1 Jn 2:27 CLICK HERE TO VIEW

The Anointing abides in you as teacher and guide.  He will teach you ALL things.


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